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The Current Account Deficit (CAD) numbers are much lower. We have got quite a lot of inflows through the concessional swap schemes which has created little bit of a buffer to address any kind of currency volatility.The currency really remains on two macro factors inflation and fiscal deficit and the non macro factor which is the politics if it plays negatively when the election time comes in. If the politics does not play spoilsport I would tend to think that there is no real negative surprise on the currency front in the near term.

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18, 2016. 18, 2016. EST on Dec. Hebron, a distant third with 76.5 points. There was Gilmore, who won the triple jump with his aformentioned distance, and senior Raymond Tien, the shot put champion after throwing a 44 01.25. To cap the event, the Lions ran a historic 4×400 relay race.The foursome of Kenny Accardi, Max Meyers, Jayo Adegboyo and Glenn Maroya finished the race in a blistering 3 minutes, 22.85 seconds, a county meet record.”We’re just a big family,” Maroya said.

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“Higher education must make appointment of women academic administrators and development of young female academic talents part of their strategic goals. I have seen this to be effective at [my university] with the setting up of gender diversity as a key performance indicator. In addition, the institutes are held accountable for gender diversity and for the remedial measures to be taken where necessary.